Surrich Hydrographics Pty Ltd is a Hydrographic Survey company that provides services for the commercial, environmental, industrial offshore and nearshore development sectors.

Formed in 2008 by its Director Andrew Richardson after deciding a specialised Hydrographic Survey Company was needed for those outside the oil and gas industry. The team at Surrich Hydrographics vision is to provide the end client with high quality data sets acquired by the best technology available.

Surrich's main focus lies in the accurate representation of the sea floor using acoustic sounding systems and techniques. The past decade has seen many new advances in sonar technology and with it a decrease in the cost of running such systems.

The need for a thorough scientific analysis of the seafloor is paramount. This is driving hydrographic survey companies to provide the client with more detailed and accurate datasets that assist in understanding of the ocean environment.

Surrich Hydrographics
Phone:+61 409 886 513
PO Box 2058, Claremont North 6010, Perth, Western Australia